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14th International Conference Multiphase Flow in Industrial Plant

14th International Conference Multiphase Flow in Industrial Plant

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14th International Conference Multiphase F


Future developments of technologies in many fields require a deeper understanding of nonequilibrium states. We study the general math


In our team currently work 2 Full Professors, 1 Postdoctoral Fellow, 4 PhD Students, and 1 External Collaborator.
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About us

We are a research and academic team in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department of University of Brescia. Our research work focus on thermodynamics, multiphase flows and atomistic method for liquid modeling. We develop projects in collaboration with some important industrial partners.

Multiphase flows

Numerical analysis of multiphase flows Similarly to the single-phase case, even a multiphase flow can be subject of numerical analysis in order to find an approximate solution of some transiet problems. Starting from the Navier -Stokes equations and using appropriate models and closure equations, we can get systems of equations then numerically solved by calculator. […]

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Model order reduction methods for chemical kinetics in combustion and biology In thermodynamics, gas dynamics, chemical kinetics, ecology, biology and other sciences, it is increasingly important to develop dynamical models able to describe the time evolution of the non-equilibrium states of the system of interest. Often the detailed kinetic model (DKM) of the system consists […]

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Atomistic methods

Hybrid atomistic-continuum (HAC) modeling of liquids In the HAC method, the liquid is simulated using the Navier-Stokes (NS) equations and Molecular Dynamics (MD) simultaneously. This is carried out using partially overlapping sub-domains (ΩC and ΩA) as depicted in Fig.1. For multiphase systems, a main limitation of the NS equations is the inadequate treatment of interfacial […]

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  • EOARD European Office of Aerospace Research & Development

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